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9 08 2006

M-learning is getting some exposure in India – though this article incorrectly states that M-Learning requires advanced “3G technology or Blackberry devices”.

A much better concept is this one – surprisingly, from an airline as a form of entertainment!  London-based Virgin Atlantic airways is introducing the world’s first “in-flight texting service, which will allow passengers to have questions answered on any topic at 35,000 feet”.

“Passengers will be able to text questions from their seat-back
television screens to an existing land-based text answer service which
promises to answer any question within minutes”.

Faaantastic.  I wonder if a general-purpose on-the-ground SMS-based service would “take off” as a business idea?  It’s basically a mobile on-request research service, and if there really are people out there paying $5 a hit for “hot babes on your mobile,” surely there will be many more who’d pay $5 to have any question answered promptly.  To start with, I think the questions would be on all sorts of things, but eventually, you’d be able to automate answers to frequently asked questions.

If the responses could be saved to the user’s mobile device, it would be the start of a truly personalised learning environment, where the learner aggregates “learning snippets” that are meaningful to them.

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19 08 2006
Matthew Nehrling

I am glad to see your rubuttal of the statement that mLearning requires advanced 3g technology. Some of my most successful mLearning campaigns have been simply using Text or MMS messaging platforms.

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