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11 07 2006

While co-authoring a white paper for the “Learning On The Move” OLT Conference, I realised that there is, in fact, a “Fourth R” to add to my previous post on the learner-centric “Three R’s of Mobile Learning“.

Without recording or recalling any information, or communicating with others (“relating”), a learner can also use some mobile devices as a means of processing information – transforming it, performing calculations, or organising it in new ways. I’m initially inclinded to give this “fourth R” the mneumonic name “Reinterpret” – obtaining new knowledge from existing information.

Perhaps the simplest example of this “fourth R” is using a calculator: without storing or recalling any information, per se, a calculator can process input data to provide an informative result. Other examples of “reinterpreting” data include: “mining” a database for aggregate data, or using a mobile device to digitally interpret a 2D Barcode or aid or perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on text scanned with a mobile device.

Now, head over to Marg’s blog where she adds some excellent commentary from an instructional design perspective to our exploration of the Four R’s of Net-Generation Learning!

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11 08 2006
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