Mobile Learning 2.0 – Getting Closer!

11 07 2006

I wrote quite recently that I didn’t think that “Mobile Learning 2.0” was very close, yet. As sheer chance would have it, though, I’ve had a few resources pass my way this week that have kept me thinking about how close mobile technologies are getting to integration with Web 2.0 in a way that will truly enable “M-Learning 2.0”.

The first of these resources was a paper from the recent Ausweb conference on mobile wikis. It draws attention to a number of existing and developing mobile wiki systems that will make wikis not only collaborative, but remotely accessible and updateable.

The second resource that I’ve been really impressed with is a site called filemobile. It describes itself as “powertools for bloggers,” and it’s not wrong. While it’s only in alpha (very early) stages of development, it’s already quite powerful as a means of posting any media (photos, audio, video) from a mobile device to the full range of popular blog sites and products, including edublog (wordpress) blogs.

Then there’s, a site enabling you to get your page on your mobile phone… great for mobile, web-based bookmarking!

Finally, a very tight integation of a number of Web 2.0 sites with mobile phones, using a free-to-download Java client called Mobileglu. It’s able to aggregate Flickr, Blogger,,, RSS, and other popular services to your mobile device using a downloadable Java Client; and the client can even upload content to Flickr,, or Blogger profiles from compatible mobile phones. Unfortunately, my Samsung D600 doesn’t appear to be fully compatible, but it’s an impressive venture into the integration of mobile technologies and Web 2.0 services nonetheless.

In conclusion, while mobile integration is just touching the tip of the huge number of Web 2.0 tools (and on a side note, one of the best ways to discover new ones is via the Web2.0Slides site), the age of Mobile Learning 2.0 is approaching fast.

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One response

11 07 2006

I’d agree Leonard, that it’s probably closer than we realise! I must have more of a look at RikWik too! 🙂
The fact that there are so many social web services that integrate with one another as well as with various devices, means we’re there in a technological sense I think.

Wherever there are people the technology will go (be? follow?)!!

…and as we’ve been discussing, it’s about the learner being mobile rather than the technology!


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