Mobile Device Supported Situated/Networked Learning

10 07 2006

Marg O’Connell, our department’s resident Educational Design guru, has just posted some of her fantastic thoughts on the use of mobile devices to facilitate and support situated and networked learning on her Educational Design blog.  Her post ties in with one of my earlier posts on the strengths of mobile learning, where I focussed on an example of learning art in front of real artworks, supported by on-the-spot mobile learning resources, rather than from a textbook or slideshow.  Marg’s expertise and experience as an educator means she is fantastic at identifying underlying instructional design issues and strategies, and she’s a brilliant person to discuss new ideas with.

In the paper we’re co-authoring for the “Learning On The Move” OLT conference at QUT, we present some new ways of looking at mobile learning, and principles for designing and evaluating practical mobile learning approaches – with a strong pedagogical basis, reflected in Marg’s blog post – as well as analysis of effective paradigms of mobile and computer-based learning and their continuing relevance to mobile learning best practice.

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11 07 2006
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[…] While co-authoring a white paper for the “Learning On The Move” OLT Conference, I realised that there is, in fact, a “Fourth R” to add to my previous post on the learner-centric “Three R’s of Mobile Learning“. […]

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