iPod Power

7 07 2006

Podcasting is standing out as a leading mobile learning approach, supported by good case-studies and a wealth of best-practice advice from practitioners.

Andy Ramsden at the University of Bristol regularly publishes some of the best material on capture and delivery of podcasting materials on the web through his blog. His latest post, yesterday, explores capturing “chalk and talk” mathematics lectures and making them available both online and as an MPEG4 podcast with good results using a tablet PC, Camtasia, and a lapel microphone.

People investigating iPods as a mobile learning resource might also be interested in the Encyclopodia project, which packages up Wikipedia in a format for displaying on iPods.

In other podcasting news, Aboriginal Community Police Officers working in the NT will be issued iPods to learn complex law and order regulations in the workplace, and will utilise podcasting, video, mobile learning and online forums. (Police log on to iPod power – NT – NEWS.com.au 6/7/2006).

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