StudyCell – Mobile Phone Flashcards

28 06 2006

StudyCell, a company specialising in mobile-phone-based flashcards and formative assessment quizzes, today announced it has surpassed the 10,000 downloads mark.

Their site, at, allows students to download a number of free “flashcard” games to their mobile phone, which will test them on subjects including several languages, mathematics, and even movie trivia. The quizzes even include “high score” tables so students can track their improvement.

What may particularly interest other educators is that you can even create your own flashcards games, online, for free. Teachers interested in providing fun formative assessments in a mobile format can use the site to develop their own content, which can be downloaded by students, and even shared between them.  If appropriate, teachers could also tell learners about the site to enable learners to create their own content.




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