SMS Study Service Success in NZ

15 06 2006

Auckland University has successfully implemented a first-in-the-world, SMS-based “learning on demand” service for its students.

The “StudyTXT” service, operating since October 2005, provides small amounts of information to students which can be stored on their mobile phones for later recall – the contemporary equivalent of study flashcards. The service is free to all Secondary and Tertiary education providers in NZ, so the only cost to students is the SMS call cost – about 30-50 cents a download, with students taking advantage of cheap off-peak rates to swap notes by phone.

Original news source at Computerworld.




One response

20 06 2006
Mobile Learning » 2D Barcodes get data from Print to Mobile

[…] To me, it sounds more realistic and more accessible than other location-specific technologies like RFIDs and GPS, because it doesn’t require specialist equipment (just software) to produce the barcodes, making it more accessible for institutions; nor would it require expensive hardware to read the information, making it more accessible for students. In fact, it removes the need for students to retrieve information using (more costly) SMS messaging technologies, such as the system I previously blogged about in NZ. […]

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