"Scan" Learning Content to PDF

15 06 2006

A new, innovative web application called ScanR turns your mobile phone into a mobile scanner. You take a picture of a whiteboard or document, and it will convert the image into a PDF file, which it then emails to you.

In the case of documents, it will even convert the document into formatted, searchable PDF text – much more useful than a JPG image of a document. And when you take a photo of a whiteboard, even at an angle, the service will make the final image clear and bold on a crisp white background. Both of these applications are ideally suited to electronically saving learning content for distribution to students; or for students to record their own learning content for their own reference. I’ve tried it out and can attest that the results are very satisfactory. 🙂

You can sign up using a mobile or email account at http://www.scanr.com/. The service is currently free, and the company advertises they will always maintain a free service.




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11 07 2006
Mobile Learning » The Fourth R…

[…] Perhaps the simplest example of this “fourth R” is using a calculator: without storing or recalling any information, per se, a calculator can process input data to provide an informative result.  Other examples of “reinterpreting” data include: “mining” a database for aggregate data, or using a mobile device to digitally interpret a 2D Barcode or aid or perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on text scanned with a mobile device. […]

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