Mobile Video Extravaganza

14 06 2006
The latest edition of Australian PC User Magazine (July 2006 – pictured) includes a plethora of useful software and articles for mobile learning practitioners interested in using video as a mobile resource.

In particular, it comes with tools and instructions to convert just about any video format (including DVD, and most codecs) to formats suitable for playing on most mobile devices: PDAs, iPod Video, Sony PSPs, even mobile phones. There’s an article on page 82 about how to shoot video to optimise it for mobile devices. And there’s an article on how to use a PDA as a wireless streaming media device, universal remote control, or wireless media controller.

Apart from Mobile Learning tools and resources, there’s also an article on page 75 on working with wikis – the start of a series of wiki articles to be featured in the next few editions of the magazine; and an article on web video sites (including social web /Web 2.0 video sites).




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