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5 06 2006

I just connected this blog with my Flickr account, immediately turning it into a moblog. The Flickr site is capable of interfacing with all of the major blog protocols, including the WordPress protocol (used here at, allowing me to post images and posts to this blog from my mobile phone or PDA using email.

While the process of connecting up social web (Web 2.0) services in this way may be a bit more complicated that an out-of-the box moblogging solution like that at, it’s a great solution for experienced bloggers who want more convenience and functionality, and the ability to post images directly to the web.

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6 06 2006
Anne Paterson

I have enjoyed and appreciated your postings on the Networks forum run by Sean Fitzgerald. I am very interested in your experiments with Flickr.

What I have been investigating is how to send video by mobile to a service like You Tube or Video Egg, so that a code is generated to paste in my blog

6 06 2006
Anne Paterson

I seemed to post that last comment without finishing it!

I have an interest in moblogging developed in the Engageme project. I think the combination of mobile phones, videos and blogs is a powerful education and assessment tool. There is also lots of creative and communicative scope.

9 06 2006

Hi Anne,

It’s great to see you have a passion for mobile learning, and are investigating some of the ways that Web 2.0 tools can integrate with each other. You’re probably already aware that youtube already supports Blogspot, Blogger and Livejournal blog sites and allows you to upload videos directly from your mobile phone. As soon as their site supports WordPress sites, I’m going to get this site connected with video blogging… so stay tuned!

5 07 2006
Leonard Low

I’ve just found a new Web 2.0 service that provides a free online repository for files… and enables moblogging with all kinds of file types, including photos, video and audio. It’s still in “Alpha,” but is already an excellent, well-featured service.

Check out – it even words with WordPress blogs like Edublogs. I’ll write a full post on this site when I’ve become proficient at using all of its features, but for now, it’s definitely worth a look by other interested educators and mobloggers!

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