Database Product for Pocket PCs

13 04 2006

Software development company Grandasoft currently provides software for designing PDA data entry forms and rendering them on Pocket PC devices: I’ve used this suite for almost a year to successfully record and recall hundreds of dance moves from a PDA-based database: you can even define your own custom searches that you can use on your PDA on the go.

Keep in mind that not all mobile learners will have access to a Windows Pocket PC PDA. However, if you have a learning group that does have access to these devices, this is an easy and powerful product for providing a searchable, editable database in an electronic PDA form. Another incentive is the price: the current versions of their software are free for non-commercial use and can be downloaded from the website.




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31 05 2006
Mobile Learning » Workplace Assessment with Mobile Devices

[…] One development environment I’ve found particularly suitable for developing data capture tools is GrandaSoft’s XSForms and XSDesigner. I’ve used these to quickly develop and deploy PDA-based databases with form front ends, suitable for use as Assessment Tools or mobile quizzes. They use a Pocket Access database backend and are designed on a desktop computer, which makes them much quicker and easier to develop. Best of all, both products are free.   Here’s a link to the blog article on the GrandaSoft software: […]

16 06 2006
Mobile Learning » What will you do with your PDA?

[…] I myself use the PDA as a learning tool. For example, I’m a keen dancer of Ceroc ( a funky social partner dance style. Using a free PDA database creation tool (see my blog for more info:, I’ve created a database into which I can write quick notes on various moves as I learn them, as well as custom queries for quickly retrieving information. It’s more compact that any paper-based format (I used to have to tote around a large A4 ring binder), and much faster to both store and retrieve a move I want to work on. […]

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